Nicole Kidman Has 50 First Marriages with Colin Firth in 'Before I Go to Sleep' Trailer

October 6, 2014


Just months since co-starring in Railway Man, Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth are back in what will probably again be a poorly-attended film about marriage and mental trauma. In Before I Go to Sleep, Kidman plays a woman afflicted with the extremely high-concept premise of waking up each day with no memory of her past. As it turns out, the cause is not raging alcoholism but her having been clunked in the head and left unable to hold on to memories after she sleeps. She can't remember who exactly did the clunking, but she's trying to figure it out, and judging by this trailer, all signs in her amnestic investigation point toward the husband she can't remember marrying, Firth--though her doctor, Mark Strong, seems fairly suspicious too. It's sort of like the BBC remade Memento as a Lifetime Original Movie.

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