Of Course There Will Be Another 'Purge' Sequel

October 6, 2014


Much like that one fictional day a year when, to keep crime down, everyone can murder everyone else, The Purge series has apparently become an inexplicably successful event we'll be having annually. Following 2013's The Purge and this year's The Purge: Anarchy grossing over $200 million on a combined budget of only $12 million, Universal, Blumhouse Productions, and Platinum Dunes have put into development a third installment of the franchise. According to Deadline, James DeMonaco, screenwriter and director on the first two films, will return to write and likely again direct. It's expected that this trilogy closer will look into the socio-economic and mental health reasons that a single lawless day would do next to nothing to alleviate crime, or that it will just have some people in creepy masks being jerks.

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