Pee-wee Herman Movie Shooting in February

October 30, 2014


A third Pee-wee Herman movie, that oft-spoken of but never materialized film that has become as mythical as the Alamo's basement, is supposedly finally going to shoot early next year. That's the word from Paul Reubens himself, who last night appeared on The Tonight Show and told Jimmy Fallon that they'd hired a director and this February would begin production on Pee-wee's latest, yet-unsized adventure. Judd Apatow is, as previously rumored, producing the film, but other details--like who exactly this director is--apparently won't be revealed until next month. Reubens explained that he's not yet allowed to give away more, saying, "I was hoping I could make this huge announcement tonight, but it's a week away, I think, from being announced." And here I thought he was a rebel.

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