Ricky Gervais Loosely Remaking French Comedy with Eric Bana

October 31, 2014


Though it's Liam Neeson who's been pushing Ricky Gervais to get him into comedy, it's Eric Bana who Gervais will instead guide from self-serious action to laughter. Bana is reportedly attached to return to his early comedy roots in Gervais's loose remake of Special Correspondents, a 2009 French satire by Frédéric Auburtin. The original dealt with a duo of journalists faking their own kidnapping in Iraq, but Gervais's rewrite keeps only the general premise of media deception; now Bana will play "an arrogant, struggling New York-based radio journalist who fakes frontline war reports from a Spanish restaurant in Manhattan as a desperate ploy to save his job." Tapas: the source of journalistic corruption, and the reason we're never as full as we thought we'd be even though we ordered a lot.

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