Robert Downey Jr. Says Never Mind About the 'Iron Man 4' Thing

October 8, 2014


Though Robert Downey Jr. just gave Ellen's audience a hammy stare to say he was making Iron Man 4, last night, already the actor's hammy stare was telling another story to David Letterman. Appearing on The Late Show, pretending to be under oath and talking to his step-father (you'll have to watch the clip), Downey was back to claiming there was script nor plans to do a fourth Iron Man film.

"Just between us," began Iron Man, asked if he was going to do another sequel, "No. But I'm gonna do other stuff with Marvel."

It's already established that RDJ will appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron and that film's follow-up, but the way he's talking seems to suggest there may be something else on for him on the horizon if not another Iron Man. Like he did in his AMA, Downey stressed that some big Marvel Studios announcements that will answer our questions are forthcoming. Perhaps this weekend's New York Comic Con will bring the reveal that, as heavily hinted, now Tony Stark will appear in every film simply to win everyone over with a charismatic, hammy stare directly at the audience.

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