Scarlett Johansson Offered $10M To Do 'Ghost in the Shell'

October 17, 2014


Like so many nerds would had they the money, DreamWorks is offering Scarlett Johansson a ton of cash to do some sexy cosplay as an anime character. That's the word from Deadline, where they claim the studio will give Johansson a $10 million payday if she'll star in the live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell.

Just last month, Margot Robbie was in talks to play the lead--a cybernetically-enhanced leader of a special ops team--but with her moving on to Suicide Squad, the part is now up for grabs. Considering the $412 million box office Lucy somehow managed, and the popularity of Black Widow, it's not surprising Johansson would be next to be offered big money to put her face on the poster. But still, at a time like this in her career, she must ask herself: how many more of these things can she do before she's just permanently stuck in a seductive action squat?

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