Scorsese's Latest Music Doc Subject: The Grateful Dead

October 24, 2014


Following in his insistence that we've got to listen to the Rolling Stones, should give George Harrison's solo work a shot, and should maybe even try some Garth Brooks--even if we aren't that into country--Martin Scorsese is now going to try to get us into the Grateful Dead. Deadline reports that Scorsese is executive producing a documentary on Jerry Garcia-fronted band, and its release will coincide with what would be the group's 50th anniversary next year. The Tillman Story's Amir Bar-Lev is attached to direct, and the surviving Dead have authorized the production with their participation.

Explaining how they're totally not just for stoners, Scorsese commented, "The Grateful Dead were more than just a band. They were their own planet, populated by millions of devoted fans. I'm very happy that this picture is being made and proud to be involved." Now, for the sake of showcasing the band's history, let's just hope that someone, somewhere, has collected and saved some old recordings of the Grateful Dead.

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