See the Adventure of Jude Law and the Nazi Treasure in the 'Black Sea' Trailer

October 2, 2014


Times are tough in this economy, and as Jude Law will tell you in Black Sea, that goes even for our many, once-thriving submarine-based professions. The thriller sees Law playing a laid-off sub captain who, before giving back his submarine keys, decides to take some miscreants on one last underwater hunt for some sunken Nazi gold. Unfortunately for Cap'n Law, these guys are real shit-heads, and once they realize that they get larger shares of gold when there are fewer submariners, they start trying to kill each other off. That's a particularly bad situation for a submarine, because it's really close quarters with nowhere to run. Also because once you get even just one dead body in a sub, that stench of death stinks everything up real quick. It's like when someone farts in a car. Only this is an underwater car, and it doesn't have windows you can roll down. Someone should probably add that tagline to this trailer:

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