Shawn Levy To Direct 'Minecraft' Movie

October 16, 2014


Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy is in talks to make yet another film about dead people and skeletons obnoxiously coming to life up every night. According to Deadline, this time it'll be for Warner Bros. adaptation of the best-selling video game Minecraft.

The studio had huge success in block-based construction movies earlier this year with their Lego Movie, but if previous reports are true, Minecraft is being set up very differently from that--largely in that it's supposedly going to be live-action. Whatever form the film takes, the director of tepidly-received films like This Is Where I Leave You, The Internship, Real Steel, Date Night, and the Museum series does seem somewhat apt for such a project. This guy really understands the Minecraft idea that you can spend countless hours pouring work into building a world that can be torn apart in minutes by some jerk online.

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