'The Gambler' Red-Band Trailer: Wahlberg Knows When To Hold 'Em, Knows When To 'Fuck You'

October 22, 2014


In development since at least 2011, the remake of 1974's The Gambler has gone from being another Scorsese/DiCaprio collaboration to a union of Planet of the Apes revisionists Rupert Wyatt and Mark Wahlberg. As much as that would seem to be a slip in quality and rise in a planet of the apes, judging by this first teaser for the film, that might not be the case. While it's not a Scorsese film, there's still a script from The Departed's William Monahan, and co-star John Goodman seems to be chewing it up nicely. Perhaps now chewed enough to swallow Wahlberg as a former English professor, but at least Brie Larson, Michael K. Williams, and Jessica Lange are there to help us get it down.

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