'American Gigolo', 'Scream', 'Peter Pan' Will All Be Series Now

October 30, 2014


American Gigolo, Scream, and Peter Pan are joining the ranks of so many other movies you may remember in becoming television series.

Gigolo is reportedly developing over at Paramount TV, where original producer Jerry Bruckheimer and writer-director Paul Schrader will, respectively, serve as executive producer and consultant. The original starred Richard Gere as a male escort who ends up implicated in a murder investigation, but it's not yet clear how the plot will be adapted to series. Maybe as a fun new spin on How I Met Your Mother?

Scream is being set up at MTV, where a 10-episode run has been ordered and is scheduled to premiere this time next year. The hour-long adaptation will reportedly star Willa Fitzgerald, Bex Taylor Klaus, John Karna, Connor Weil, Amadeus Serafini, Carlson Young, Tracey Middendorf, and Joel Gretsch as the new sheriff. Oddly, it's said that the "Ghostface" mask so deeply tied to the Scream meta-mythos is not currently involved in the reboot. But, in keeping with the cheap, generic Halloween costume aesthetic, now the murders will all be committed by someone dressed as "Shagadelic Secret Agent."

Finally, Fox has given a script commitment to League of Pan, a series that will add the description "grounded, edgy, soapy thriller" to Peter Pan. It's reported that the drama takes place in modern-day Los Angeles, where the former Lost Boys have become adults, presumably now paying expensive trainers and plastic surgeons to keep them youthful. When the now-estranged group starts getting killed off one by one, they all must band back together to try to stop whoever is after them. Could it be the rich, eccentric founder of artificial robot limb pioneers Hook Industries? Because it has to be some kind of crap like that, right?

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