TV Stuff: Prince To Hold Lengthy 'SNL' Jam Session, Another 'True Detective' Star Confirmed, More!

October 28, 2014


- Just as he's long defied naming conventions, Prince will not be shackled to the SNL musical guest format. This weekend, when The Artist appears with Chris Rock, he'll reportedly eschew the two-song norm to instead rock out with an "eight-minute long jam session" that Fred Armisen must be so desperate to get in on.

- With Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn confirmed as two of the stars in the next season of True Detective, the other long-rumored male lead has decided to confirm his involvement as well. Speaking to Adweek, Taylor Kitsch confirmed he's also near a deal for the series. Now we see how much of that Battleship seawater he can wash off.

- Just tapped for the Oscars, Neil Patrick Harris is wasting no time in getting his next hosting gig lined up: now he's going to host an NBC variety show to be loosely based on the UK's Saturday Night Takeaway. As streaming services slowly take over, soon television will be nothing but a barren landscape where Doogie Howser is always wearing a sharp suit.

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