TV Stuff: Steve Coogan, Nick Frost, and of Course Christian Slater Getting New Series

October 22, 2014


- As goes the passage of time, the sun's rise and fall, Matthew Perry's being in a short-lived sitcom where he's cynical, Christian Slater has been given another series that will be canceled. Deadline reports that Slater has joined USA's Mr. Robot, in which he'll play "a mysterious anarchist" who recruits an anti-social programmer to join his underground hacker group. The series will premiere in 1998.

- The Showtime series Philip Seymour Hoffman was to be in before his unfortunate death is still going forward--now with Steve Coogan in the lead. The network has announced that Coogan will step in to star in Happyish, the show formerly announced as Trending Down. Considering 24 Hour Party People, Almost Famous, Alan Partridge, and Pirate Radio, I guess they were just looking for anyone who has played both a music journalist and DJ?

- Nick Frost's drunk lawyer pilot apparently didn't go through, so now he'll instead try to break into American television with The Finger. Deadline reports that ABC has bought the rights to the single-camera comedy, which would see Frost playing an infamous jewel thief trying to do right by his kid by reforming and starting a sandwich shop. "Subway" to Forgiveness must have had rights issues.

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