TV Things: Lego Reality Show, 'Bewitched' Reboot, Armie Hammer-Based Sitcom on the Way

October 16, 2014


- In the wake of The Lego Movie's success, the makers of Lego are reportedly considering new ways to turn their toy into a TV series--possibly as a reality competition pitting those dubbed "Master Builders" against each other. It would consist of 45 minutes of watching people sift through a box trying to find that little gray one they fucking swear they just saw in the corner.

- Lucy Fisher and Douglas Wick, producers of the 2005 Bewitched movie, are apparently making Bewitched reboots their life's work. They and Sony Pictures Television are reportedly shopping around another update to the show, now again as a sitcom. Elizabeth Montgomery, Dick York and later Dick Sargent must be turning in their graves.

- Having otherwise run out of ideas, NBC is basing a sitcom around a modestly amusing anecdote from The Lone Ranger's Armie Hammer. The untitled comedy reportedly adapts Hammer's real-life not-quite-story about how he found out that his fiancée was still friends with her ex's parents. Presumably episode one ends with, "Oh, that's a slightly unusual relationship, but I guess if you're all comfortable with that," and then the series moves on to something kind of funny Hammer said about working with Johnny Depp.

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