'Wonder Woman' Film To Fly Her Invisible Plane to the Roaring Twenties

October 31, 2014


Wonder Woman will apparently be the Captain America of the DC Universe--and not just in being most likely to wear patriotic briefs. According to Bleeding Cool, Wonder Woman's 2017 solo debut will, like Captain America first outing, begin in the first half of the 20th century.

Their sources say the film starts on the women-only Paradise Island, where the various factions of Amazons are warring for power. Then, in a plot point that will certainly not be contentious in today's environment, a man shows up and Wonder Woman decides to take off with him rather than deal with all this drama. Finally, in the latter half of the film they get back to normal civilization, and it's revealed that it's been the 1920s the whole time. Reportedly, "the film will then show Diana exploring that world - a world where women have only just got the vote - from her... unique perspective." Because if there's one Wonder Woman foe fans have long been dying to see on screen, it's culture shock over the Nineteenth Amendment.

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