Christopher Nolan Says 'Real Movies' Don't Have Marvel-Style After-the-Credits Scenes

November 4, 2014


Dark Knight trilogy director Christopher Nolan has some bad news for Marvel: he thinks all your little, not-constantly-self-serious superhero flicks aren't "real" movies. So you can take that to the bank with your billions of dollars.

In a lengthy profile on Nolan in The Guardian, it's explained that while the director was shepherding Man of Steel in a hands-on producer role, Warner Bros. apparently asked whether the film could conclude on "a comedy coda ending, in the style of Marvel." You know, after Metropolis is largely destroyed and millions are presumed dead, maybe Batman could show up, and his face would be like, "Yikes, what happened here?"

But Nolan wasn't having any of that. According to the report, his reply was simple and fairly condescending: "A real movie wouldn't do that." So, if you're at the theater wondering later this weekend, that is why Interstellar, like all of Nolan's films, closes in a tasteful series of bloopers and practical jokes set to Smash Mouth.

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