'Insurgent' Teaser: You've Seen Her Diverge, But You Won't Believe What She Does Next!

November 12, 2014


A girl stands alone in a ravaged cityscape. A single building likewise stands solitary in the wreckage--a simple cement cube, its dingy, cold façade rendered almost inviting among the surrounding charred ruins.

A woman emerges from the doorway; it is the girl's mother.

All at once, flames erupt around the matriarch. She pleads for help. The ignited building abruptly rises into the air. The gray slab disappears into the grey sky, making strobing navigation lights of the flickering fire dancing in the windows. Mother and, by her own will, daughter ascend with it, desperate for their lives as their bauhaus dirigible careens across the neighboring ruins.

And that is the first ten minutes of the German version of Up. It's a lot like this trailer for the Divergent sequel:

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