Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Merchant, John Krasinski Making Entire Show About Lip Sync Battles

November 21, 2014


Like your high school during the spirit week assembly, Spike TV has decided to devote a full half-hour to watching people lip sync. The network has reportedly teamed with Jimmy Fallon for Lip Sync Battle, a series that will see celebrities pretending that they're singing songs, competing to see who can feign that in the hammiest fashion.

Fallon has regularly featured such contests on his late night shows, but some may forget that credit was actually first given to guest Stephen Merchant and his Office-mate John Krasinski for having dubiously "created" the idea of people lip syncing against each other. Thusly, those two are also going to be involved in the series, with all three men attached to appear and perform in these pleasantly wholesome battles.

Spike will premiere Lip Sync Battle on April 2. Then they'll decide whether it makes sense to go through with Celebrity Wheelbarrow Races.

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