Kevin Spacey, Michael Shannon To Re-Enact That Time Nixon Met Elvis

November 6, 2014


If you saw Frost/Nixon and thought, "This would be better if Frost were Elvis," you're in luck. Actor Cary Elwes has written just such a film with Elvis & Nixon, and Kevin Spacey and Michael Shannon are the respectively predictable and odd choices to star. According to Deadline, Spacey is now attached to star in the film as Nixon, while Shannon will play Elvis--who on December 21, 1970 met with the president to discuss the nation's fight against drugs and to give him the gift of a Colt .45. So if you're having a hard time imagining the wide-eyed, often sinister Shannon as the King, just keep in mind: he at least does look like a guy who would turn up at the White House with a gun.

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