Margot Robbie Probably Playing Harley Quinn

November 10, 2014


As was re-confirmed with news that Jared Leto might be Our So-Called Joker, Will Smith, Tom Hardy, and Margot Robbie are also up for playing supervillains in Suicide Squad. And, according to Collider, the part Robbie is in talks to play is Harley Quinn--Joker's sidekick first seen in Batman: The Animated Series and "sexy jester" Halloween costumes. She's a core member of the most recent incarnations of the comics version of Suicide Squad, so that would make a lot of sense, but the part is not yet confirmed by Warner Bros. Nor is the news that, in keeping with the studio's dark and gritty philosophy, now Harley Quinn will go by the more believable "Juggalette."

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