Neil deGrasse Tyson Gave His Take on 'Interstellar'

November 10, 2014


Having already taken on Titanic and Gravity, Neil deGrasse Tyson last night took to Twitter to tell us what parts of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar are and are not as scientifically sound as Inception. Using the "In Interstellar..." format popularized by cosmologist Yakov Smirnoff, Tyson went point by point over the film's use of scientific theories and more--and, surprisingly, he seemed pretty impressed by everything.

"In #Interstellar: The producers knew exactly how, why, & when you'd achieve zero-G in space," read one tweet. (Notably, one of the producers was famed physicist Kip Thorne, so that probably helped.) "In #Interstellar: Experience Einstein's Curvature of Space as no other feature film has shown," read another. "In #Interstellar: On another planet, around another star, in another part of the galaxy, two guys get into a fist fight," said yet another, Tyson praising the film's depiction of the Universal Theory of Dudes Be Fightin'. You can have a look at his entire monologue below, but keep in mind that in Tyson's own words, "Never look to [him] for opinions on new films." Due to his tendency for scientific critique, he can basically only enjoy Katherine Heigl vehicles now.

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