Perpetually Reanimated Sean Bean To Star in Frankenstein Miniseries

November 17, 2014


Of all the many, many Frankenstein adaptations in development, at last one will involve Frankenstein's actor Sean Bean, a man forever being brought back from the dead to star in another thing in which he'll die. He'll reportedly play the lead in ITV's The Frankenstein Chronicles, a six-part series that reimagines the Mary Shelley classic as a period crime drama this time. The 1827-set show will see Bean playing a London police detective who discovers that what was thought to be a dead child is, in fact, multiple dead people stitched together into a crude simulacrum, which most people agree is a marginally worse thing to find. Now it's up to him to figure out who would create such a thing, and whether or not it's the man who just moved into the castle with the giant lightning rod on top.

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