See Carmen Electra's Psycho-Sexual 'Magic Mike' with 'Lap Dance' Trailer

November 18, 2014


With Magic Mike showing her that there are better ways to do mainstream stripping films than erotic workout series, Carmen Electra is back and taking off her clothes again for the aptly-titled Lap Dance. The film sees Electra in the Tatum role as a strip-mentor to Monica, a fresh-faced ingenue new to this salacious career. Monica has been driven to the job due to some lazy commentary on the economy--there's a foreclosure notice on her and her husband's door!--but thanks to the persuasive, aggressive powers of the strip-boss pimping them out, she soon gets seduced deeper and deeper into the world of lap dancing, leaving her old life and would-be screenwriter husband behind. It basically looks like Cinemax tried to re-form Showgirls in the mold of Indecent Proposal.

Greg Carter--himself a stripping veteran as well, a director-producer on Exotic Dancers of Houston--wrote and directed the film. Though this is likely one of the only times when you actually expect Lindsay Lohan to be involved, she is not--though there does appear to be an uncredited cameo by the likewise likely Ron Jeremy. Less expectedly, Omar Gooding co-stars, inadvertently giving us the most depressing follow-up piece to his earlier Nickelodeon work, answering, "What happens when Wild and Crazy Kids become Wild and Crazy Legal Adults?

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