Star-Lord Was Nearly Played by Day-Man

November 18, 2014


When Marvel was still finding its lead for Guardians of the Galaxy, pretty much every 30-something white guy they could find was named on the rumored not-so-short-list. But according to director James Gunn, the man who came closest to taking the Star-Lord role from Chris Pratt was actually someone we hadn't heard was even in the running, and it's another sitcom star.

Speaking to GQ in a Pratt profile, Gunn reportedly explained, "Glenn came along a little bit later, but there was a good chance that, if I didn't cast Chris, that I would've cast Glenn Howerton in the role."

As It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans will know, it means we could have had a much smugger, svelter, rape-ier Star-Lord--with an "Awesome Mix" that probably would have been pure Steve Winwood. But, as comic book fans will know, it's clearly for the best this way, because now Howerton can still play the superhero he should really be playing: Booster Gold. Come on, how about it, Warner Bros.?

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