Terry Gilliam Found His Latest 'Don Quixote' Star

November 5, 2014


Terry Gilliam has found the latest actor who will think they're starring in Don Quixote for a few months before slowly realizing this movie is never going to happen. According to Variety, Unbroken star Jack O'Connell will succeed the likes of Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor to attempt to star in Gilliam's Cervantes adaptation, which Fear and Lothing and Tideland screenwriter Tony Grisoni has turned into a modern satire. While originally the lead was sent back in time, now, over Gilliam's seven attempts to make this thing, the story has transformed to concern the ad man's search for the Spanish village where a gypsy shot a student film version of the titular tale. In other words, to Gilliam, the idea of a fanciful world has slowly mutated from a surreal 17th century to just any place where someone actually finished shooting Don Quixote.

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