Adam Sandler Gets into Magical Shoe Repair, Near Sexual Assault, in 'The Cobbler' Trailer

November 13, 2014


Like Bedtime Stories and Click, The Cobbler transports us to a world where actual magic can happen, and where Adam Sandler still need not shave or change out of the t-shirt he slept in. Sandler stars in the film's titular role as Max Simkin, a simple shoe repairman whose life isn't the upper-middle class, beautiful-wife-and-kids dream he assumed he'd have as an Adam Sandler character. He's depressed, lonely, and lives with his mother. To extrapolate, he would like to be someone else. So wouldn't it be good if the movie found some convoluted way to let him do that?

Spoiler: it does. One day, Max Simkin's usual shoe-sewing machine breaks, forcing him to use his dad's old one in the basement. Also, apparently this cobbler sometimes likes to secretly put on the shoes he's repairing, and on this day, this mixture of mechanical misfortune and clandestine fetishism combine in a literally magical way. In short, he finds out that if he wears the shoes he's repaired on this old sewing machine, he physically transforms into the shoes' owner.

Still, as creepy and bizarre as that all is, it is not nearly as creepy and bizarre as what he then does with this newfound power. Because what he does is commit a sex crime, get involved in a criminal conspiracy, and heartwarmingly haunt his mother to give her one last time with his (dead?) dad:

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