These People Might Be Our New Jean Grey and Cyclops

November 19, 2014


Jean Grey and Scott Summers, the X-Men universe's boring couple that rarely hang out anymore, are going to be reintroduced in new, younger forms in X-Men: Apocalypse, and here's who might be playing them.

According to The Wrap, Bryan Singer is looking to get an established name for the part of Grey. The producer, director, and fun-time party guy is said to have met with former superhero Chloe Moretz, Ender's Game's Hailee Steinfeld, and Maleficent's Elle Fanning about taking on the role.

Meanwhile, for the part of Summers, Singer seems less concerned about having a known face hidden under the visor; Interstellar's Timothée Chalamet, EastEnders star Ben Hardy, and Red Band Society's Charlie Rowe are rumored to be under consideration. The world will have to wait still longer for a Cyclops who's actually a cyclops.

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