Tom Cruise Might Be Immortal, Also Might Star in 'Highlander' Remake

November 20, 2014


Tom Cruise's immortality may soon extend beyond the promise he'll "be born again into the flesh or into another body." According to The Wrap, Cruise may take on the mentor role in the Highlander reboot that Summit Entertainment has long been trying to launch as a way to sell some highland property they bought.

The part--that of Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez--was previously, weirdly filled by Sean Connery in the original film, but it's not yet certain Cruise will even enter negotiations to take it over. It's said he's still "far from talks," and already the project has been plagued by people not wanting to be in it: Ryan Reynolds and director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo already bailed on this thing over a year ago. Perhaps it's time to just let Highlander exist as what it long has been--something Christopher Lambert starts acting out whenever he has access to a knife.

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