Adam Sandler Movie Distributor Also Pretty Sick of Adam Sandler Movies

December 4, 2014


Though the individual(s) or, possibly, nation behind the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment has not yet been revealed, one man does stand accused of another crime: making fucking awful comedies.

As revealed by Gawker, a leaked file of Sony employee feedback has shown that those working for the studio have been saying the same things as everyone else on Earth when it comes to Adam Sandler and his increasingly-lazy film output. Here are some quotes from the tragic figures who were paid to, in some way or another, give us films like Jack & Jill, That's My Boy, Just Go with It, and the Grown Ups series.

- "...we continue to be saddled with the mundane, formulaic Adam Sandler films."

- "There are a lot of term deal personnel as well as creative personnel, yet we only release a dozen or so Columbia Pictures a year, for example. And will we still be paying for Adam Sandler? Why?"

- "...stop or reduce support for areas that have no more value (Sandler movies, DVD)."

- "...the studio needs to change deal structure that has been in place with Happy Madison, as this arrangement has disproportionately benefitted Adam Sandler and his team"

- "the boorish, least common demomonator slate strikes me as a waste of resource and reputation." (Not explicitly about Sandler, but come on.)

Still, despite such surprising lucid statements, already two more Sony/Happy Madison collaborations are due out next year, when Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 and Pixels hit theaters. Sandler is the drunken, pricey, disreputable hookup that leaves Sony feeling awful but they just can't stop. Because have you seen the guy in a ladies' wig?

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