Clooney Producing '90s Hollywood Satire Series

December 11, 2014


It seems that George Clooney is revisiting the '90s in more than just his short-banged hairstyle. According to Vulture, Clooney is teaming with director Bennett Miller (Foxcatcher, Moneyball) and Peter Tolan (creator of The Job, Rescue Me, and Rake) on putting together a one-hour series that looks at the movie business of 20 years ago. The tone is described as darkly comedic, and the focus is said to be on the studio big-wigs calling the shots. Clooney's Smokehouse Pictures already has a deal with Sony Pictures Television, who have started shopping the pitch around to cable networks and streaming services. Should that not come together, how about these guys just pool their experience into a series about an ER doctor who's also a fireman and a cop who runs a baseball team? Dad would totally watch that.

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