George Lucas Willfully Refusing To Watch New 'Star Wars' Trailer

December 8, 2014


No doubt holding out for the special editions, George Lucas has apparently decided that he's going to be the token guy who's proudly not watching the new Star Wars trailer.

"I don't know anything about it. I haven't seen it yet," Lucas told Page Six when asked about the recently-released The Force Awakens trailer. "Because it's not in the movie theater. I like going to the movies and watching the whole thing there. I plan to see it when it's released."

It's unclear if he meant watch the entire film in a theater or just the entire trailer, which is notably already in theaters, but Lucas did make one thing quite clear: he couldn't give two shits about the Force's impending rousing.

Asked if he was curious to see what director J.J. Abrams has done with the franchise, Lucas simply replied, "Not really." Finally, a Star Wars with the overtones of dismissive apathy he always intended.

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