Japan Making Another Godzilla Movie Too

December 8, 2014


Toho Co., Ltd., the Japanese studio that first made us believe that a man in a rubber suit could be a metaphor for the atom bomb, is making another Godzilla movie--their first in a decade. Though Legendary Pictures just last summer relaunched the franchise with the successful Godzilla, a Toho staffer speaking to THR explained that the licensing contract that Toho has with the American company does not stop them from making domestic, Japanese films separate from the US series. Budget, cast, director, and whether or not we'll get a latex-covered man stomping on models has not yet been revealed, but production is said to already be scheduled for next summer. So we start anew the debate over which would win in a battle: the classic, Japanese version of the King of the Monsters, or Bryan Cranston?

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