Jason Statham Is Jason Statham Again in 'Wild Card' Trailer

December 1, 2014


The 1986 Burt Reynolds vehicle Heat has been refashioned in the blunt-faced image of Jason Statham, and here are the results in the trailer for Wild Card.

Statham plays the lead, a bodyguard-for-hire originally named "Mex" but now renamed "Nick Wild" for obvious, super cool reasons. Nick Wild's pretty friend has recently been roughed up by mobster Milo Ventimiglia, and she now wants the guy's "nuts in [her] hand"--and not in a way that's as sexual as that sounds. So, Wild sets about meeting her gonad demands by the usual Statham means: maiming or murdering every criminal extra that enters the frame.

Still, though his methods may be distinctly Stath-ian, Wild asks that we not consider him a brutal man. "I'm not violent," he explains. "I'm just good at it." And since he just head-butted a man through a glass wall, no one tells him that his pithy statement doesn't quite make any sense.

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