Jean-Claude Van Damme Will Be in the 'Kickboxer' Remake

December 2, 2014


With the economy being what it is, with fewer and fewer businesses looking for a man to do the splits for them, Jean-Claude Van Damme has been forced to return to the field of kickboxing. According to an official press release, the former star of Kickboxer will now once again be a star of Kickboxer--though now in a senior position in accordance with his prior experience. Van Damme will reportedly take the role previously attached to Tony Jaa and play Master Chow, the kickboxing trainer that guides the remake's new Kurt Sloan, Alain Moussi, in taking down Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Baustista.

Despite now showing a willingness to join his own remakes, Van Damme remains unattached to the upcoming re-imagining of Timecop, thus keeping neutral in the ongoing debate about militarizing police with time machines.

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