Ray Kroc Movie To Tell Us Ronald McDonald's Dark Origin Story

December 11, 2014


Following up his Walt Disney film Saving Mr. Banks, John Lee Hancock may next move on to another of America's great innovators in creepy costumed characters. He's reportedly in talks to next direct The Founder, a film about McDonald's mastermind Ray Kroc, the man who transformed a small fast food business into a nationwide health concern. The Wrestler and Big Fan screenwriter Robert Siegel wrote the script, and it's said it's "designed to be in the vein of The Social Network." Because you know what's cooler than billions served? Billions and billions served.

Tom Hanks and Michael Keaton are considering the lead role, and though it's a bit premature to start talking about the film's awards chances, it does at least seem likely that The Founder will produce the shittiest Happy Meal tie-in toys ever.

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