See Latest Kirk Cameron-Less Christian Film with 'Do You Believe?' Trailer

December 8, 2014


Kirk Cameron only just saved Christmas last month, but already another film has risen to reaffirm Christians that they've picked the correct religion.

Do You Believe? hails from the writers of God's Not Dead, with this film expanding their "God's not dead" thesis to brazenly assert that Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin, Delroy Lindo, Cybill Shepherd, Lee Majors, and Married... with Children's Ted McGinley are, likewise, not dead. They're the stars of what appears to be the Crash of "non-animated movies Grandma has on the shelf below her Precious Moments and painted plates." The film tells the intersecting story of "12 unique lives," all touched by the apparent power of Christ's cross. Among them: Sorvino's homeless single mom; McGinley's pastor with a permanently bloodshot eye; Shepherd and Majors as a couple who can't believe God would let former TV stars like them lose a child; Lindo as a professorial, confrontational guy wandering the streets with a giant cross; and Astin as a doctor so arrogant as to think that it's his medical science--not miracles!--that's curing people.

Here's salvation (the trailer):

A court case where a guy is on trial for quoting gospel to a dying man. How many times has Kirk Cameron pitched that one to Dick Wolf?

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