Sega Turning Your Old Video Games into Movies

December 12, 2014


Having finally given up on the Dreamcast taking off, Sega has decided to get into the movie business. With a questionable Sonic the Hedgehog film already announced, the video game company has reportedly now brought on Evan Cholfin and Stories International to start film and animation development on some other titles from the Sega catalogue. The adaptations moving forward?

Altered Beast, based on the 1988 beat-'em-up in which the player--seemingly an archetype for the nameless pro wrestlers who inevitably lose to the big name--walks to the right through an Ancient Greece-like land, fighting monsters and finding it frustratingly difficult to actually alter himself into a beast.

Streets of Rage, another beat-'em-up--one exactly like Final Fight, except with a more racially- and gender-diverse team--featuring a trio punching and kicking their way through a corrupt city overrun by a criminal organization. It was twenty years ago that someone last tried to adapt just such a generic game plot into a film with the Double Dragon movie. Notably, that title has since made it into very few film school curriculums.

Shinobi, the game series about cool ninja Joe Musashi (and, later, other cool ninjas) doing cool ninja things.

Rise of Nightmares, the 2011 survival-horror Xbox 360 game in which players use the motion-tracking Microsoft Kinect to fight off zombie-like freaks. This could finally be our excuse to flail our arms around at a movie theater without anyone complaining.

And Crazy Taxi, the 1999 game that tasked players with racing a cab around a city. Jimmy Fallon and Queen Latifah could be in it!

Fighting game Virtua Fighter and high fantasy beat-'em-up Golden Axe were also said to be part of the package, though those titles are evidently not being developed at this time. Oddly, there are somehow still not plans to adapt ToeJam & Earl into a Jay Baruchel-Seth Rogen vehicle. Isn't that sort of a gimme?

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