Syfy Making Show About Superman's Grandpa

December 9, 2014


DC's expansion across television continues with Syfy's just-announced development of Krypton, a show about everyone's favorite comic book character, Superman's grandpa--the relative with all the best stories about how, on his planet, he had to walk to save people.

The series was reportedly conceived by Batman Begins/Man of Steel/Batman v. Superman writer David S. Goyer--Warner's nerdier friend who tells them what all their comic books are worth--and his FlashForward writer Ian B. Goldberg, with Goldberg writing the pilot and Goyer executive producing.

Though the lead character has been shown in a handful of a comics as "Seyg-El," it's not clear if Krypton will build on that name and history or start anew, with the freedom to invent for Superman's grandfather whatever otherworldly hard candies they choose.

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