Taylor Lautner Gets Really Into Parkour, AND CRIME, in 'Tracers' Trailer

December 12, 2014


Though the fans--and opponents--of Team Jacob long ago left, leaving Taylor Lautner alone but for the stadium's vast echo of his constant panting, still the former werewolf continues to play on for an unlikely, late solo victory.

Following the critical failure and underwhelming box office of 2011's Abduction, Lautner is once again playing a leading man who jumps on buildings for Tracers. Here, he plays Cam, a bike messenger who has the most X-TREMEet-cute when he flies off his fixie and into a girl doing parkour. Their bodies press together. His warm dog breath spills against her cheek like a blown kiss. They clearly have the connection that will link Lautner's mustache to his chinstrap hairs.

Soon after, Cam gets himself in with his would-be girlfriend and her gang of parkour fanatics. He learns to leap through the sky without hurting himself or getting too many bugs in his mouth. And because he's in desperate need of some cash, he gets involved with their parkour-based crimes. Also, apparently Cam has never seen Point Break or The Fast and the Furious, so he's somehow upset when he finds himself torn between his morals and a his love of a girl and her charismatic group of extreme sports criminals. It's just so hard when the sports criminals aren't blood-drinking monsters who play extreme baseball.

Here's the trailer:

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