'Team America' Showings Now Also Canceled

December 18, 2014


With Sony canceling the Christmas release of The Interview, the Alamo Drafthouse had the idea to make sure the holidays still include the gift of a North Korea-angering premise with a showing of Team America: World Police. They set up the event, quickly sold out their tickets, and other cinemas even started to follow suit with similar showings. Fun, right? So everyone thought. Everyone but Paramount. And probably also North Korea.

It seems the studio is afraid of becoming the new target of hackers, so they've put a stop to these defiant events. Alamo has announced that they've now been forced to cancel their plans due to "circumstances beyond [their] control." Capitol Theatre, one of the aforementioned cinemas to follow suit, clarified those circumstances with a tweet explicitly explaining that the "screening of Team America: World Police has been canceled by Paramount Pictures." An extremely limited release of a film they put out a decade ago is just a bit too in-your-face for these guys.

Team America: World Police bravely remains--for now, at least--available on Netflix. FilmDistrict, meanwhile, would like to remind everyone that their Red Dawn remake also has people fighting North Korea. Thor's in it, too! Doesn't anyone want to watch that?

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