'Terminator Genisys' Trailer: The Old Movies Again, But Now Also Completely Different

December 4, 2014


When news arose that another Terminator was being developed, early on there was a lot of confusion over whether it was being conceived as a sequel or a reboot. With this first trailer for the film, it's now clear where that confusion was coming from--even if that's the only aspect that's exactly clear.

As loosely explained in the below video, Terminator Genisys takes the impetus for the original Terminator's events but packs in enough new, bonus time-traveling to make everything far, far more convoluted this time. As before, Kyle Reese is sent to the past to protect future savior John Connor's mother, Sarah, from a Terminator sent back to kill her. Now, though, it seems that this Terminator is not the first to be sent back. By the time Reese is sent to the '80s this time, a Schwarzenegger-styled robot has already been there for years--and like the T2 model, he's a real friendly metal skeleton who's been raising and protecting Sarah since she was a kid.

The Terminator that was, in the original film, sent back to kill Sarah? That guy still shows up, but is immediately dispatched by the elder, father-figure Terminator. As Sarah explains, "Everything's changed." But no, not really everything, though. Familiarly, the plot still appears to center on a liquid-metal cop running around trying to stab them with his pointy arms. Also, Arnold still manages to fit an "I'll be back" in there. It would seem that, in this dark timeline, the Terminator has become the only learning computer more catchphrase-driven than Urkelbot.

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