'The Crow' Reboot Still Apparently Happening, Now with Different Director

December 3, 2014


Like so many who are interested in The Crow, Relativity Studios was long in a dark period where they didn't do much, barely said anything, and probably just listened to music. It was well over a year ago that they locked a lead for their Crow reboot, and we haven't heard anything about the film's development since then. But now, from Deadline comes word that the studio may be coming out of its dark phase. After sinking into depression from the loss of director F. Javier Gutiérrez--who was attached to helm the remake before moving on to an equally questionable, equally slathered in white makeup and black wigs new installment of The Ring series--Relativity has reportedly found solace in new director Corin Hardy. He's largely unproven, as his first feature will only debut next year, but he totally gets where they're coming from. Hardy will shoot the film next spring, when the outpouring of new, fertile life will only serve to remind him that it all ultimately comes to an end.

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