Watch McConaughey Gaze and Ramble Through Some More Refn-Directed Lincoln Spots

December 29, 2014


Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn and pensive luxury car shill Matthew McConaughey have re-teamed for another series of ads in which the actor reflects on and stares through Lincolns like a dementia-addled old man wistfully mis-remembering his childhood. In one, he contemplates the way the Lincoln hybrid is a McConaughey-like balance of laid-back, worry-free nonchalance and being green. In the other, McConaughey calmly relaxes in a restaurant, quietly waiting until the weather outside is alrightalrightalright enough to drive with his Lincoln's sunroof open. The spots are set to begin airing on January 1, likely spoiling our New Year's resolution to stop buying everything Matthew McConaughey tells us to.

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