Watch the Trailer for Spike Lee's Blood-Drinking Movie That Isn't Quite About Vampires

December 3, 2014


Spike Lee's Oldboy follow-up is a film sure to disappoint anyone hoping for an original joint or a nice, Christian film about how pleasant-tasting the eucharist is. Funded by Kickstarter, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus sees Lee once again tackling a remake, this time modernizing and reinterpreting the 1973 horror film Ganja & Hess. The original saw an archaeologist (Hess) who gets stabbed by an ancient dagger, turned into a vampire, and then falls in love with his now-deceased partner's widow (Ganja). Lee's remake seems to keep most of these elements but, as per the official plot summary, it's now specified that Hess "is not a vampire." This is just a love story involving a woman and a man who happens to insatiably crave blood, okay? That's that only way Spike Lee can distinguish this from his vast collection of Twilight fan fiction.

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