Bruce Willis To Star in DIFFERENT 'Bandits' Now

January 9, 2015


Apparently trying to corner the market on the title, Bruce Willis has attached himself to another movie called Bandits. According to Deadline, the star of 2001's Bandits is now "the driving force" behind an adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Bandits, the 1987, New Orleans-set novel about a former jewel thief and a former nun teaming up to sneak a woman and some money past a rotten Nicaraguan colonel. The book's lead is Jack Delaney, a character described as a handsome, 40-year-old former sportswear model with "mussed sandy hair, [a] slim build, [and a] hint of a nice-guy smile." Sadly, one can't just go back in time and get a middle-aged Robert Redford for the role, but worry not, because Willis has reportedly scored the second best option for playing that type: BRUCE WILLIS.

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