Child Archer Saves President Samuel L. Jackson in 'Big Game' Trailer

January 5, 2015


Here's the trailer for Big Game, the Finnish film that marries Air Force One, Rambo, an alternate-universe version of Disney's First Kid, and a new take on E.T. where Samuel L. Jackson is the visiting alien friend. The movie, written and directed by Rare Exports' Jalmari Helander, sees Jackson as the U.S. President but still having issues with motherfucking guests on his motherfucking plane. This time it's terrorists that bring down Air Force One, leaving the modern President Jackson stranded in the forests of Finland. The foreign terrorists--and, pretty clearly, duplicitous secret service guy Ray Stevenson--attempt to hunt down and kill the "big game" that is our first black President that was also in The Spirit. Lucky for Jackson, on his side is a woods-wise Finnish boy with a bow and arrow. And I've got a feeling that might just be enough to get him back to leading these motherfucking people in our motherfucking country.

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