Doctor Who Now Purple Man in the Marvel Universe

January 26, 2015


Former Doctor Who star David Tennant has joined the Marvel Universe of actors locked into long and binding contracts. Marvel has announced that Tennant is joining Mike Colter and beautiful emu Krysten Ritter in A.K.A. Jessica Jones, the Netflix series about the titular, damaged superhero-turned-detective of comic books. Tennant will play Kilgrave, a character with the persuasive ability to force command over people. Though he started as an early Daredevil villain, he would later use his powers to more grossly abuse Jones, so that's why we'll be seeing him here. Assuming they stick to the comics and Kilgrave's own A.K.A-- "Purple Man"--he will be purple. If not, then prepare for this to be the latest incident of people bitching about a Marvel comics character's change of skin color.

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