Edgar Wright Wrote a Steampunk 'Oliver Twist' Sequel

January 27, 2015


Dodge and Twist, Sony's Oliver Twist sequel that sees Twist as a London cop, is starting to sound less like an awful new CBS procedural and more like something one might actually pay to see in a theater. That's all thanks to the ever-talented Edgar Wright, who, according to Film Divider (via), has just turned in a top-down rewrite of the script.

As previously reported, Dodge and Twist is a steampunk update that picks up twenty years after the original Dickens tale; now, Twist is a London police officer trying to stop the Artful Dodger, who has escalated his crimes from pickpocketing to attempted theft of the Crown Jewels. Ahmet Zappa conceived the idea, having not yet thought to update A Christmas Carol with Scrooge becoming a ghost hunter.

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