'Fantastic Four' Trailer: The Thing Goes Commando This Time

January 27, 2015


The first Fantastic Four trailer is here, and director Josh Trank can at last show everyone that he didn't just make Chronicle again. At least not quite. Though he's once again working in the realm of Michael B. Jordan & Friends being stricken with magic space powers, this time it seems he's dropped the handheld, found-footage schtick in favor of something a lot more like Interstellar: a somber focus on human exploration doom-n-gloom and spacesuits that look just futuristic enough that you sort of buy it. But now also with a naked man covered in stones. In the non-Marvel post-Dark Knight era, clobberin' time has become a time for self-serious, nude reflection, apparently.

So they used their telepods to enter a green screen universe where there's a light-up Stonehenge?

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