Finally, Will Have a Streaming Video Service with Original Content

January 20, 2015


Netflix brought back Arrested Development. Yahoo brought back Community. And now, at last, we'll have a streaming service to bring back all the crap that we had in such enormous surplus that it had to be tossed out. Maybe Law & Order: LA. today announced that they plan to go up against Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and the like in the online video market. The company will reportedly start by rolling out a video on-demand service with about 30,000 titles around the middle of the year. Once that gets going, they then hope to expand to a full-scale streaming service that will carry both acquisitions and original content--maybe a version of Transparent that looks okay in the thumbnail but is from a brand you've never heard of. The services will be available exclusively to members of Overstock's $20-a-year loyalty program.

And here I always thought it would be to become the Netflix of late-'90s startups where you think you may have bought some sheets once.

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